Now that Plex has released a really simple way to claim your plex servers, it means no more ssh tunnels and installing noVNC or x2Go just to claim your server.

You can now grab your Plex claim code, insert it in the modal within the GUI, or in CLI and boom, your Plex server is now magically claimed on the initial install.

Install via the Dashboard

  1. Log into your Dashboard
  2. Click on Apps Dashboard on the left hand side
  3. Then Click on Application Management and find Plex
  4. Then go to this website –
  5. Copy the shown token and insert into the Plex Claim Code field shown on your dashboard.

6. Then click on Install

7. Wait for the installation to be done and then log into your Plex Account

8. You should now see your server active and ready to be used.

Using the Command Line Prompts

  1. SSH into your server
  2. Then run this command
sudo su –

3. Now that your permissions have been elevated, now type in the following command


Where you see <username> please enter in your username for the server

4. Now wait for the installation to be completed along with the claiming of the server

5. Log into your Plex account and you should see your server.